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Shiitake Mushrooms

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Texas Grown Certified Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
For the most natural, locally-grown shiitake mushrooms, visit Texas Organic Mushrooms' farm in Denison, Texas. These shiitakes have been developed specifically for the food service industry.

Our Shiitake Mushrooms
The trimmed, ready-to-use shiitake caps contain no stems, no waste, and no losses. The extra care we take to grow our mushrooms without chemicals results in superior flavor, aroma, and texture. They don't fall apart when cooked. 

Because our shiitakes have a more intense, clean taste, you can use fewer mushrooms in a recipe and still have the same flavor impact. You will see the results in lower food costs. The shiitakes are firm, but never tough. You can slice them more thinly, even julienne them.

One of our customers, Chef Jermaine Brown of Abacus, recently won first place in a chef's competition as part of the Dallas Wine and Food Festival. He prepared a recipe using our shiitakes, julienned and sauteed. Could you do that with the mushrooms you are currently using?

Go Texan, Locally-Grown Mushrooms in Denison, TX

Grown Indoors
The shiitakes are grown indoors, in environmentally-controlled rooms, protected from pests and chemicals. By carefully monitoring the growing conditions, we are able to grow our shiitakes year-round. Most importantly, they are grown organically. We pick our mushrooms throughout the day, 7 days a week, so they are picked at the peak of freshness and flavor.

You do not have to worry about residues of toxic chemicals because our shiitakes are grown organically. We use no pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, growth stimulants, or animal by-products.

Our organic mushrooms are certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, which follows USDA standards. That means you do not have to worry about the problems that are associated with imported shiitakes: sulphites and other chemicals, which are not permitted in the US, with heavy metal residues and poor hygiene.

China has some of the worst pesticide and heavy metal pollution in the world. Mushrooms are approximately 90% water, so each pound of imported Chinese mushrooms contains approximately 14 ounces of Chinese water.

Master Chefs
The strain of shiitakes we grow has a meaty cap with a ring of white spots that are highly valued in Japan. They have the appearance and flavor of wild mushrooms with none of the risks. When you slice them, their flesh is white.

In 1994, Chef Robert Del Grande was the guest on Julia Child's Master Chefs program. He prepared Sea Scallops with Wild Mushrooms using our shiitakes. Even after being sauteed and cooked in a tomatillo sauce, the flesh of the mushrooms was still white and firm. Watch the episode and see for yourself how our shiitakes retain their color and texture.

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